We'd love to hear your stories about diversity in Canberra. Sharing via social media using the #diversitygoeswith will ensure everyone hears your story, but you can also contact us using this form. 

Anonymous Information/Report

You can also use this form to anonymously notify us about issues of concern. The ACT Human Rights Commission encourages residents of Canberra to notify us about any serious instances of discrimination or  vilification. 

Anonymous information you provide may assist in delivering the services and support to those who really need them. Please provide as much detail as you can about what happened, including where it occurred and when it happened. This will aid us to better understand what you are reporting. 

Make a Formal Complaint Instead? 

An anonymous report made using this form is not the same as making a formal complaint to us. We may be able to resolve your concerns if you choose to make a complaint, and there is more information about our complaint handling role on our discrimination webpage.

Please note, if you choose to use this form to provide anonymous information, rather than  a formal complaint via our discrimination webpage, we cannot tell you the outcome of our investigation of your concerns. 


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The campaign

Canberrans are generally accepting of difference, but they have also benefited from the willingness of many people of different cultures and faiths to share their stories and experiences. Canberrans have always had the opportunity to experience a rich and vibrant mix of cultures, however, recent events suggest it is important not to be complacent about these issues.

Anecdotal reports suggest people in the ACT may be verbally vilified in regards to race, sexuality and gender identity. Whether publicised widely or the subject of individual complaints lodged with the Commission, ordinary people feel discriminated against every day.

The role of the ACT Human Rights and Discrimination Commissioner includes to promote the benefits of our diverse population, and to handle complaints of alleged discrimination on a range of attributes including race, religious beliefs, sex, sexuality and disability. The Commissioner has sought to work in partnership with key organisations, such as the Office for Multicultural Affairs and non-government organisations to promote diversity, and reduce racism and other forms of discrimination in our community

The aim of this campaign is to:

  • Educate the public on what to do if they see or experience some form of discrimination
  • Generate good news stories about standing up against discrimination
  • Encourage Canberra to embrace its cultural diversity and promote inclusion

What can you do?

Use the hashtag #diversitygoeswith and complete that sentence:

  • Explain how a community of inclusion helps you as an individual, business or organisation. 
  • Tell a story about how diversity has affected your life in a positive way. 

For example, a tweet might look like this:

#diversitygoeswith schools – my daughter is five and can travel the world just through the friends she has made at kindergarten.

social media

Follow the campaign via:

Twitter: @ACTHumanRights
Use the hashtag #diversitygoeswith to add your story to social media – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

let the Human Rights Commission know when you’re talking about the campaign:


Campaign material

The ACT Human Rights Commission has campaign packs available if you wish to distribute them through your organisation. Contact to order yours today. Alternatively, download and print your own from below:


The ACT Human Rights Commission's role is to resolve complaints and promote rights.


  • provide an independent, fair and accessible process for resolving individual complaints; and
  • promote the human rights and welfare of people in the ACT.